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240° VR Camera With Image Stabilization

The OmiCam incorporates a patented image stabilization technology without the use gimbals and allows you to capture all the moments that matter. 

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Virtual Bliss in a little package.

  • 4K 30fps

    4K resolution (VR) at 30 fps filming delivers extraordinary results.

  • 240° lens

    Industry leading wide angle lens covering 240-degrees with an unique 45° design.

  • Extensive Battery

    Record up to 15 hours of video when filming in our Lifelog mode.

  • 12 Megapixel Sensor

    12 megapixel sensor delivers high-resolution images to capture sharp images.

Optical Motion Intelligence

OMI – Our proprietary software allows the OMI camera to stay stabilized while recording in any direction – all without any expensive gimbals or accessories.  Wear it any way you like, vertically or horizontally. No matter how bumpy the recording condition may be, OMI’s powerful video stabilization will always give you a crisp, clear video.

OMI Studio

OMI Studio is a fully integrated video management
and intelligent editing software built for the OmiCam.  Stream, record and manage videos on the fly and share them with your friends. Compatible with iOS and Android devices.


What is the difference between OmiCam and typical action cameras?

Action cameras are typically used in short-duration sports such as surfing, skydiving, etc. OmiCam focuses on long-duration (minimum 2 hours) sports such as hiking and biking. In addition, OmiCam also focuses on the overall viewing experience, that’s why we developed the horizontal calibration and stabilization.

Is the OmiCam waterproof?

The OmiCam is water resistant capable of handling natural elements such as rain and dust. OmiCam does require a waterproof case (currently sold out) in order to be used in activities that include water submersion. 

Is there specific instructions to upload to YouTube or Facebook?

OmiCam video editing software generates a video file that will be compatible to upload Youtube, Facebook, and other popular media sites. 

What is LifeLog?

LifeLog is a unique feature of OmiCam that allows you to record videos on going for a longer duration. See details below. 

Normal lifelog: OMI camera can work for 2.5hr, every 3 min will record 5s video (can change in setting). In lifelog mode, user can press shutter key at any time to record continue video.

Long period lifelog: OMI camera can work more than 15 hrs, every 3 min recording 5s video. In long period lifelog, OMI camera will turn off 3 min and wake up 5s to record video. Because OMI camera really turn off to save power, the shutter key will not work and user need to press power key to turn on camera again and press shutter key for continue video.


What's the battery life for OmiCam?

For continuous video: 75~80min.

With Lifelog video: 2.5hrs

For long period lifelog video: more than 15hrs.

continue video with Wi-Fi preview: 30~40min.

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What Others are saying about omicam

"Absolutely amazing technology applied to the stabilization of the video.
I've never seen anything designed for hiking and outdoors and Omicam 
definitely will shine in the VR industry."

- Eric Rosenberg, Outdoor Enthusiast and Filmmaker