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[OmiCam] Our First Blog Post... Finally!~

Hello!  My name is Chen.  I'm head of marketing here at OmiCam, formerly known as mysight360.  

Being part of a small team to make a unique and desirable product has been one of the biggest challenges of my life.  But this is one of the best decisions I have made.  We love the interactions we are getting from our community members (OmiFans) from all around the world.  You are an inspiration to our continuous efforts and we will not give up until we have exceeded your expectations. 

We know that our community of OmiCam users and fans are the lifeline.  And that is why we have added a blog section to our official site.  Here we will update you on important information about our product and software.  Share OmiFan amazing adventure "OmiFanCam" stories weekly (also update on our official YouTube).

Thank you all for the amazing support!  We love all the videos you've shared with us.  We mean every one of them!

We have been inspired and our team will be working on creating a community feature within our Omi Studio App.  More details coming soon. :)