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OmiCam - Most Versatile Wearable VR Action Camera with Auto Horizon & Image Stabilization

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OmiCam provides a new way to capture 4K film and Virtual Reality Content. With its specific design, we've made it so the 240° degree can be captured. The covers a comfortable viewing range when you pan left right up or down for an immersive point of view.  

With state of the art technology, OmiCam utilizes its proprietary technology, Optical Motion Intelligence, to provide you auto stabilization with all your film. Use OmiCam without expensive gimbals to provide stable videos allowing you to be on the go without that heavy equipment. 

Record up to 15 hours of film through our LifeLog Mode which uses its smart algorithm to capture your most exciting moments. Focus on your adventure as you take OmiCam under water, hikes, bike rides, and more. Immerse yourself first then re-experience amazing. 

240° VR Camera With OMI Image Stabilizer

OmiCam 4K VR Water-resistant camera

OMI Studio available for download on the app store. 

OmiCam Package Includes: 

  • 1x OMI Camera
  • 1x OMI Stand with Quick Release
  • 1x 360 degree Quick Release Clip
  • 1x Quick Release Set (Flat Mount, Screw Mount, 3x Tape)
  • 1x Carrying Bag
  • 1x Micro USC Charging Cable
  • 1x Screw Driver


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